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At Beacon Civil, our team can provide structural engineering services ranging from single-family home frame design to large scale commercial steel design. The experience our team has in unique, cost-effective solutions to structural issues ensures we are capable of assisting your project no matter the size. Below is a list of our structural engineering services we most commonly preform:

  • SIPs Panel Design

  • Masonry Wall Design

  • Foundation Design

  • Wood Frame & Light Gauge Steel Design

  • Structural Design of Single/Multi-family Residences




We have successfully planned and implemented developments across the nation giving us the experience and confidence to provide our clients with superior service. Simply fill out the form below now to discover how much we can do for your project today.

Bridge Inside

For any inquiries, questions or feedback, please call us: 813-882-4815 or fill out the following form.


To apply for a job with Beacon Civil, please send your resume and cover letter to or reach out to us via the contact form.

Get a quote: 813-882-4815
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